BOOKING YOUR BAND, Instructions:
1. First check our calendar to see if the date you have in mind is taken already.  The site is updated as often possible - but things change frequently. Therefore, submit a few dates that you would be available.

2. Your e-mail should include:
• a bio, picture
• link to website or myspace preferrably with playable music
• # of band members, type of instruments
• Genre of music

3.If you don't hear back in two weeks, repeat the process.
Every email should still include the information above.

4. Be nice, the club gets a lot of e-mails. An attempt is made to respond to each email, sometimes that is not practical, please know that we appreciate your inquiry nonetheless. 

Tip: Emails that include all the above information are most likely to be responded to.
Tip: The subject of the email should be your band name and perhaps the dates you are looking for.
Tip: The phrase 'rock the roadhouse' to see if you've read this - just kidding, kind of...

Booking & Promotional Contact:
Bobby Miller

More information about promoting your gig in this area can be found here.
Please be proactive in contacing our promotional person as soon as your evnet is confirmed by the venue.

Booking Caspar Inn for Private Events.

Birthday, wedding, any occasion.

Available with or without:
Professional staff
Full kitchen facilities
Inn Rooms

Any day of the week, or time of day.

Contact: Bobby Miller
Please include in your email the date or dates you are interested in, the type of event, whether you need the kitchen and/or rooms, and how many people you are expecting to host.

Please email your request.

 Mailing Address
14957 Caspar Rd #3
Caspar California 95420
Physical Address
14957 Caspar Rd.

Caspar California 95420

CASPAR INN, club line:
information about the evening's events

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